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Web Booking Entry - Clients


1. New clients who have not booked with Selwyns before


To create a new client, enter the following details:

Title - use the drop down button to select Title - cannot be left blank.

First Name- enter your first name (up to 25 characters) - alternatively enter an initial - cannot be left blank.

Surname - enter your surname (up to 25 characters) - cannot be left blank.

Address Lines 1 - 4 - enter up to 4 lines of address. At least one line of address must be completed.

Postcode - enter your postcode. Cannot be left blank.

E-mail address - enter your e-mail address - this will be used to e-mail confirmation and invoices - ensure that it is entered correctly. Cannot be left blank. If a client already exists with an e-mail address matching the one you are entering, you will not be able to continue. Go to the Existing User login, enter your e-mail address and request that your password be e-mailed to you.

Daytime Phone No - enter your daytime telephone number - can be left blank.

Evening Phone No - enter an evening contact telephone number - can be left blank.

Mobile No - enter your mobile telephone number - can be left blank.

Fax No - enter a fax number - can be left blank.

Password - enter a password to be used for future log in purposes.

Re Type Password - re enter the password to ensure that the password and re typed password details match. If they do not match, you will be prompted to re enter.

Use the check boxes at the bottom of the screen to indicate whether you are happy to be contacted by Hardings with details of any future offers. A separate check box exists to permit contact from third parties.


2. Existing clients who have not booked On Line before


Please contact us and supply us with your email address and password, so we can add them to your existing record. You can then proceed as shown below in item (3).



3. Existing clients who have previously booked On Line

You should enter your e-mail address and password to log on to the system and enter your booking requirements. If the password has been forgotten, select the option to request the password to be e-mailed. This is an automatic process and providing that a password has previously been set against your client details, an e-mail will automatically be sent to you.


4. Entering a Booking


Once logged on to the web site you can proceed to enter your bookings.

Use the menu to the right to navigate to selected tours or use the search utility on the right to search for tours within a specific date range with space available for up to whatever number of passengers you specify.

When using the menu to the right of the screen, you can select your tour type which will generally be a holiday or excursion - these options are all defined by Hardings Tours.

When a specific tour is selected, the itinerary details should be displayed with an option to display ALL DATES with availability for however many passengers you have specified - note the number of passengers will automatically default to 2, if you have searched for a tour with 2 places available and decide to enter a booking, you will only be allowed to enter 2 passengers. Make sure that you select the correct number of passengers BEFORE you search for departure dates.

A list of departures will be presented showing departure date, tour title, number of days, price from and then either Book Now or Telephone.



The Telephone option basically means that bookings can only be taken for this departure by telephoning Selwyns direct. This may be because space is limited, or if the tour is staying at multiple hotels or where flights are involved.



Book Now

Select Book Now to proceed with the booking.

On line instructions are given to say what information will be required to complete the booking.


i. Enter the names of each of the passengers


Use the drop down button to select the Passenger title, enter the initials and surname. To move between fields, you must use either the Tab key or use the mouse - do not select Enter!

The following additional fields may also need to be completed:

Date of Birth, Gender, Passport Number, Age - in terms of Adult/Child or Infant (Required for trips involving ferry travel),

Special needs - such as wheelchair user, visual or hearing impairment, child buggy to be carried etc, these special needs will appear on pick up lists and passenger registration lists they will not be included on hotel rooming lists


ii. Enter your pick up requirements


If all passengers are boarding at the same point, use the mouse to select your preferred pick up point. If passengers are boarding at different points, use the drop down option at the top of the screen to select No. You will then be presented with a list of passengers and a field to enter the pickup point for each passenger. All available pick up points will be listed on the drop down menu.


iii. Review seat selection


Where the seating plan has been enabled for direct bookings, an image of the seating plan will be displayed. Available seats will be shaded grey, unavailable seats will be white. An image of a passenger in a seat will represent the passengers being booked. To accept the seat selection, proceed to the next screen. To adjust the seat selection, first click on to the passenger to be moved - the passenger will turn green. Then click on one of the available seats to move the passenger. Once the allocation of seats is complete, proceed to enter the remainder of the booking requirements.


(Note - When booking on line, the system will expect all passengers on a booking to travel on the same tour vehicle. If there are insufficient seats available on any of the vehicles, the departure date will not be offered. For large groups, clients may want to try booking a smaller number of passengers, or contacting Hardings direct to check availability or request a waiting list entry.

If there are several vehicles on a departure and each vehicle has been assigned its own pick up route, the software will not allow the booking to be split across several vehicles. Make separate bookings for each tour vehicle.


Where seating plans have not been allocated to a departure, the passengers will be auto allocated seats.


iv. Select your Accommodation Requirements for Tours, or General Requirements for Day Trips



Accommodation Items

The room types available on the departure will be listed - you need to specify the total number of rooms of each type required.

Where multiple rooms have been selected, the next screen will enable you to specify which passengers should be in each room. By default the rooms will be occupied in the order in which the names have been entered. If the default values are incorrect, use the drop down buttons in the fields to select the names of the passengers in each room. You will not be allowed to use the same name twice.

If you enter a booking using only the lead passenger name, when you are ready to complete the booking and enter the details for individual passengers, you will need to contact Hardings to provide them with the names and the details of room requirements.


Day Excursions

Select the total number of items of each type required by the passenger, it is not possible to select more items than there are passengers. Where different items are selected, enter the name of the passenger requiring each item.


v. Accommodation Supplements



For tours, if there are any optional accommodation supplements available these will be itemised - you may find that there are a selection of zero priced items as well as chargeable items - Hardings may have used this section to specify lower floor room requests, vegetarian diets etc. Should these items not be available for selection and you have a specific request, you should notify Selwyns so that these items can be recorded against your booking.

vi. Insurance



The insurance options available will be presented - if insurance is included in the price of the tour, it will be listed but will be shown as inclusive.

Generally options will be presented to say Insurance not required where insurance is not included in the cost of the tour.


vii. Confirmation of details



A summary of all your booking selections will be given showing the individual costs per passenger and the total cost of the booking. Should any alterations be required, use the option to go back to previous screens to re enter the information. If you use the option to go back, when you have corrected the booking, you will unfortunately have to re enter the remaining information from that point onwards. You may go back to make corrections as often as you need to.


viii. Payment



The final stage of the booking is to enter payment details. Customers will be expected either to pay a deposit plus insurance or the full balance, depending on the booking date as compared to the departure date. Select whether to pay the deposit only or the full amount.


Card Type - use the drop down button to select the payment card type - if the card type you require is not listed, close down the payment screen to abandon booking entry - we would recommend that you contact Hardings direct and ask them to hold the seats/rooms for you until a time convenient to confirm the booking either direct with us, or else via one of our Agents.


Card Number - enter the card number - cannot be left blank.


Issue Number - for debit card payments, enter the issue number found on the front of your card.


Valid From - for credit card payments, the valid from date will be available - generally on debit cards there is only an Expiry date.


Expiry Date - for all card types, enter the expiry date for the card.


Security Code - enter the 3 digit security number from the end of the signatory panel on the reverse of your credit card.


Card Holders Name/Address/Postcode - the name and address details will automatically be completed using the client information stored in the Hardings database. The cardholder name and address details can be amended.



To PROCEED with the booking, select NEXT.

ix. Booking Confirmation



The final screen will provide a booking reference number - we recommend that you use the 'Print' option here - you should have a note of this reference because it will be needed if there should be any alterations to the booking, or to resolve any future queries. An immediate confirmation of your booking will also be sent out automatically by email, followed by a copy of your invoice once confirmation of payment has been received.



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